Business Excellence

Efficiency Management or Operations and Process Management

We employ broad, cohesive, end-to-end global operating strategies that enable profitable growth yet allows flexibility to respond to rapidly-changing conditions - strategies that not just account for the power of technology to drive innovation, but thrive on it. We have developed comprehensive data warehouses and business intelligence solutions for capacity management, performance control, issues management and the support of decision-making. Bureau Veritas Certification has awarded ATO the ISO 9001:2008 certification for its top quality management.


Innovation and Creativity

In today’s fast-paced world, companies that want to lead have to innovate. At ATO, we invest heavily in innovation at all levels of our organisation. For us, innovation is a highly focused discipline that aims to deliver better service, protect our employees, create new business opportunities and ensure cost-effectiveness. It’s a fundamental mindset throughout our organization, and it drives us to engage with the sharpest minds we can find at universities and research institutes around the globe.



At ATO we understand sustainability as responsible corporate behavior that leads to long-term business success and is in harmony with the environment and society. All of our behavior is based on legality and integrity. We achieve our objectives by anchoring the concept of sustainability as a fixed component of our business activities. Throughout the life cycle of our projects and operations, we aim to manage environmental impacts and address any related impacts on local communities.

As a globally-operating logistics services provider, active and intelligent environmental protection is of highest priority for us. A significant contribution in this regard is made by the efficient design of all process chains as part of our procurement and distribution logistics. Based on extremely well thought-out, synchronized cargo transport schedules, we consolidate the flow of goods and are able to avoid needless transports.


Workforce focus

ATO gets the most from their people by providing them with support mechanisms so that they can truly master their work, whether at the front line or in the boardroom. Revamped physical space fosters collaboration, visual-management techniques let everyone see what needs to be done, targeted coaching builds capabilities, and simple job aids reinforce standards. These and other changes enable employees to own their own development, without leaving them to figure it out by themselves.


Customer focus

We have more than 5000 happy customers across India and the world. Our commitment to putting the customer at the center of all that we do ensures that we are continually listening, learning and improving on not only what we deliver, but also how we can make a difference. At ATO, we are committed to putting our customers’ needs at the center of our daily activities. This focus on customer centricity is based on listening to customers, deeply understanding their needs and improving their experience at every interaction point. Our customer-centric activities form the focus of our organization to ensure a consistently high quality experience.

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We have worked with more than 5,000 customers in India alone.

We work with a large variety of customers from industries as diverse as retail and chemicals. Our customers include the largest and most prestigious companies of India. Below is a list of some of our clients