Metals & Coal

The way that coal is transported to where it will be used depends on the distance to be covered. Coal transportation is generally carried out by conveyor or truck over short distances.

Trains and barges are used for longer distances within domestic markets, or alternatively coal can be mixed with water to form a coal slurry and transported through a pipeline.

Coal is traded all over the world, with coal shipped huge distances by sea to reach markets. Overall international trade in coal reached 1142Mt in 2011; while this is a significant amount of coal it still only accounts for about 16% of total coal consumed. Most coal is used in the country in which it is produced.

With years of experience, we organize transport chains from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods. Our numerous railports and rail logistics centers across Europe allow the best possible interconnection of rail, road and shipping routes - even at times of highly fluctuating demand. This allows us to deliver shorter, more regular transit times with improved cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Reliable planning and supply are of paramount importance to us. The energy sector already relies on the skills and multimodal transport services provided by ATO for the transport of materials in and out of power plants all over India. As one of the largest suppliers of raw materials to steelworks, we guarantee a reliable supply of ore, coal, lime and scrap metal. A diverse fleet of cars means we can transport coils for customers in the steel manufacturing industry just as professionally as structural shapes, pipes, cast pieces and even oversized sheet metals.

As a logistics partner for our customers in the steel industry, we enable planning reliability along the entire transportation chain. We are one of the largest suppliers of raw materials to steel mills that always place a priority on ensuring a reliable supply of ore, coal, lime and scrap. When delivering to steel producers’ receiving customers, we have a wide range of special vehicles with professional equipment for transporting coils, sections, pipes, cast components and even outsize metal sheets.

Our Metals & Coal services

  • Access to an area-wide single car network and operation of national and international private sidings
  • 800 cars specifically for the mining and metals industry
  • Custom consulting and development of cross-carrier transportation and logistics concepts with our core competency in rail transportation
  • Additional logistics services, such as pre-carriage and onward carriage, transshipment, and warehousing
  • Inter-plant shipments and intra-plant logistics
  • Comprehensive customer support around the clock, 365 days a year from our customer service
  • Paperless order processing for national transportation
  • International transportation monitoring and shipment tracking

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