Supply Chain Management Solutions

ATO offers Supply Chain Consulting for almost every industry and vertical.

We have multiple decades of supply chain management expertise in the manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and logistics areas. Our SCM products and services used by over 500 companies throughout India. We provide tailor made solutions for our clients.

Our collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions help small, medium, large and Fortune 500 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time. These supply chain solutions provide the visibility and automation you need to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport and trace supply chain activities, in industries with distribution-intensive supply networks.

Today, companies are focusing on strategic renewal, searching for creative solutions to reduce costs, raise the bar on customer service, manage risk and increase efficiency. As they do, many are outsourcing non-core activities like logistics. Done right, the outsourcing of supply chain services can help you operate leaner, improve process efficiencies and serve your customers more effectively. What’s more, you can spend more time growing your business than running it. We start with an assessment and deliver an actionable implementation plan, not just a stack of technical documents and slide presentations.

Our logistics and transportation assessment evaluates your transportation operations, identifying areas with improvement potential and prioritizing opportunities. Scenarios covered include:

  • Current business processes
  • Information technology systems
  • Carrier strategy
  • Mode utilization
  • Cost rates
  • Service metrics
  • Labor efficiency
  • Inventory slotting
  • Tax planning
  • Material handling methods

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We have worked with more than 5,000 customers in India alone.

We work with a large variety of customers from industries as diverse as retail and chemicals. Our customers include the largest and most prestigious companies of India. Below is a list of some of our clients